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The smallest outdoor coffee (tea or soup) kit

Compact, Smart and Friendly

3.4 x 6.2 Inches and only 17.6 OZ

Specially designed for travelers, sport extreme lovers, hikers, climbers, cyclists & more

Why is BOTZ so special?

Compact & Strong

This is the smallest, most compact kit you will find.

It fits in every bag, no matter the size... without wasting precious space.

The kit is very Strong and suitable for all outdoor conditions.

Ecological & Economical

- Ecological! Everything in the kit is reusable... We love and respect the environment we live in and it`s important for us that you do too!
- Economical and comfortable to operate. Alcohol is much more accessible and economical than other burning materials.

Take it anywhere

You can fly with BOTZ anywhere in the world! ... 95% burning alcohol is available in any hardware, camping store and pharmacy.

For high elevation outdoorsmen such as climbers or skiers – the alcohol stove will properly function in extremely high elevation terrain and during blistering cold weather.



because BOTZ connects us!

Something small to begin and complete your journey properly with your friends.

- We put a lot of Attention to UX.


By the way, it is silent so you can enjoy nature at its best!




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